• Item records contain detail descriptions, serial numbers, conditions, dimensions, photos, notes, when and where you bought it and who you sold it to.
  • Fully customizable lists of calibers, item types, conditions and manufacturers.

Range sessions

  • Log your range session info: when, where, gun, ammo, target photos, selfies, notes.
  • Rounds fired during the range session automatically decreases the associated ammo 'Quantity' number and increases 'Rounds fired' number in the gun record.


  • Keep up to date with the latest NRA news.
  • Maintain your own list of hot links for quick access.

Docs and images

  • A storage for images and documents.
  • Manage scans of your licenses, receipts and other documents in folders.

CSV imports

Import initial data or add new items to your collections using CSV files.

Export data

  • Export a list of your armory items as CSV to keep as extra backup files or for revision.
  • Export a list of your armory items or an individual item as PDF for printing.
  • Share item's photos via email, SMS, etc.

Backup, recovery, migration and data sync

Use export and import content features for data backup, recovery, migration or syncing between multiple app installations.

Note that the export file is encrypted with AES256 for your data protection.

Initial data setup

If you have tens or even hundreds of items in your armory you can prepare CSV files for initial import of guns, cold steel, optics, ammo and stash (accessory) items. Does not support importing images though, but we are working on it))))

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